Midtown Florist
2108 52nd St, Kenosha, WI 53140
Local: 262-658-3551


Scent of Summer with Lavender
Scent of Summer with Lavender ATN80397 US 57.30
Wonderful Day
Wonderful Day ATN80195 US 57.30
Playful Summer Greeting
Playful Summer Greeting ATN80382 US 62.30
Summer Mood
Summer Mood ATN80384 US 62.30
Magic of Roses
Magic of Roses ATN79871 US 68.50
Symphony of Colors
Symphony of Colors ATN79872 US 73.50
Magic of Summer
Magic of Summer ATN80401 US 74.70
Summer Pearl
Summer Pearl ATN80400 US 74.70
Summer Magic
Summer Magic ATN80278 US 74.70
Romantic Summer Dream
Romantic Summer Dream ATN80398 US 74.70

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